13 September 2012

What Can Joshua Treviño Teach Us About Humility?

So this happened:
August 15th: The Guardian announces the hiring of murder advocate Joshua Treviño.

Later that same day Treviño, responding to criticism of The Guardian's move, acts like an arrogant asshole.

August 24th: Upon realizing that they had just hired an amoral sociopath, and seeing that no article of his would ever be free from the stench emanating from all his previous writings, The Guardian takes a page from the Harriet Miers saga and fires Treviño's ass for something supposedly unrelated.

September 13th: The Guardian publishes an article by Max Blumenthal, who apparently has something that Treviño desperately wants, if Joshua's abrupt departure from all things Internet at the very moment of his firing is any indication.

Lesson: don't be a dick in victory, or you may be humiliated beyond expectation in defeat.

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